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Self-Love Series: 5 Sensational Ways to Show Love to Your Spirit

I hope you’re in good spirits this Valentine’s Day Eve, but if you’re not, we’re going to do our best to get you there. Your spirit controls how you feel, both emotionally and on an intuitive level. It’s the invisible part of yourself that energizes your body and consciousness. It also controls your mood, which informs your actions (with help from the body) and responses (with help from the mind).

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Self-Love Series: 5 Beautiful Ways to Show Love to Your Body

Your body is a temple, so it should be respected and cared for as such. Our bodies connect us to the physical world, allowing us to feel emotions and sensations in real-time. They are our spacesuits. Our literal vehicles for navigating the world. No matter what they look like or how they move, they do everything for us—and we should absolutely love them for that.

But part of our self-perception is shaped by the beauty standards w

Self-Love Series: 5 Magical Ways to Show Love to Your Mind

The mind is a terrible thing to waste… and it would also be a shame not to love it. Our minds are the homes to our thoughts, memories, and imagination. They interpret the sensations we experience, along with our bodies, to help create our reality. But you and I both know that our minds can take us to some dark places. It can be hard to hear the angel on our shoulder when the devil is saying something louder.

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Welcome to the Self-Love Series: A wordchefsteph and Janelle Cepero Collaboration

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and how could we miss it? From the rose-petaled hotel rooms on Instagram to the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate at your local convenience store, Cupid came early this year. But if you weren’t struck by his bow and arrow, you might feel like you’re missing out on a day like today. As a newly single woman, I’m here to tell you that you’re not. All that high vibrating love you want to

Pride Chakra Series: The Third Eye Chakra

The second of the three spiritual chakras is the third eye chakra, the indigo energy center that governs your intuition. Unlike a belief, which is learned, your intuition is a deep knowing beyond what you can physically see or touch. It’s the ability to know something without analytic reasoning.

Amanda Baker, founder of the wellness brand Rum & Quartz, explains it perfectly: “I was leaving an interview once and I wasn’t sure if it

Pride Chakra Series: The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the first of three spiritual chakras and is represented by the color light blue. When it is in harmony, we are able to speak our truth, listen to our inner voice, and communicate effectively. But when it is out of harmony, we have difficulty sharing our experience or perspective, feel silenced or judged for what we have to say, and have trouble finding the words to say what we mean.

Effective communication is important for our relationships with others. If we’re not able to

Pride Chakra Series: The Heart Chakra

The green heart chakra connects the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. It is the energy center responsible for our love for ourselves and others. When we engage with our heart chakra, we are able to accept ourselves fully, cultivate joy easily, and give and receive love genuinely. When we are disconnected from our heart chakra, we are disconnected from ourselves, we do not feel deserving of love, and we have difficulty giving or receiving love from a genuine place.

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Pride Chakra Series: The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third physical chakra is the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with the color yellow and governs our personality, self-esteem, and sense of worth. When you feel whole, centered in who you are, and able to cultivate your personal power in healthy ways, you are operating from a healed solar plexus chakra. But the need to dominate and control, receive compliments for your accomplishments or appearance, and play victim are all warning signs that your solar plexus chakra might need healing

Pride Chakra Series: The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, the second physical chakra, emits an orange energy and rules our creativity, sexuality, and relationships. A healthy sacral chakra allows us to express our feelings, bring new ideas into the world, and experience physical and emotional pleasure. If your sacral chakra needs healing, you’ll have difficulty feeling or expressing your emotions, feel stifled in your creativity, and may have platonic or romantic relationship issues.

To heal your sacral chakra, you must give yoursel

Pride Chakra Series: The Root Chakra

The root chakra, which is represented by the color red, is the first physical chakra and is largely responsible for our sense of stability and security in the world. When the root chakra is in harmony, we feel connected to nature, grounded, and able to ebb and flow with the course of our lives. But when the root chakra is out of harmony, we experience fear-based thoughts, feel unsafe and disconnected from the earth, and worry about if our basic needs, like food, shelter, and love, will be met.